STUC on General Election Result

June 9th 2017

In response to the General Election result, Grahame Smith, General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) said:

“Theresa May’s strategy in calling a snap election has spectacularly backfired. In just a few weeks, her arrogance and weak leadership has lost the Tory Party its Parliamentary majority, its austerity agenda has been soundly rejected, as has its systematic dismantling of our public services and its attacks on unions and on workers’ rights. Its hard Brexit strategy is in tatters. Her credibility is shot and she should go now.

“Labour’s recovery demonstrates that offering positive progressive, outward looking policies and a socially just vision for the future will be rewarded at the ballot box. Jeremy Corbyn’s common sense message clearly struck a chord with voters who did not take kindly to being treated as voting fodder, are sick of the Tories politics of greed and division, and want to see the country take a different direction.

“In Scotland, while the Tories obsessive focus on the Independence issue had some impact, its failed economic policies and its callous disregard for those struggling to get by were rejected here yet again as they were elsewhere in the UK.

“The result across the UK demonstrates that people care about more that constitutional issues and are not prepared to give politicians a free pass to avoid addressing the challenges they face in their daily lives.

“There is clearly no appetite for a hard Brexit and any talk of a referendum on independence should be put aside now until after a Brexit deal is done.

“The focus of the Parliament we have now elected should be on progressive policies focused on improving the lives of working people, their families and communities. “


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