Trade unions place women’s voices centre stage

April 25th 2017

Addressing STUC Congress this afternoon, Annette Drylie, Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee and the GMB Scotland Equalities Forum, will outline the impact of austerity in local government and on women in particular.

Annette will say;

‘A fairer Scotland will not be built on the backs of working women’

Annette also highlights the consequences of ignoring inequality throughout women’s working lives:

‘Every generation of women must renew our commitment to tackling inequality in the workplace and in society. Our fight is now for the WASPI women retiring with less than they planned for and for all women whose lower wages during their working lives leads seamlessly into less pension provision whenever they retire.’

As more women work for longer, the STUC will be focusing on developing good health and safety practices in the workplace, supporting women and their families throughout their working lives, including a specific campaign on the menopause as a workplace issue.


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