Donald Trump’s Inauguration

January 19th 2017

Donald Trump’s inauguration will take place on the 20 January 2017 and marks formally the beginning of his Presidency. The Trade Union movement in Scotland has concerns about the approach taken by President Trump in the election campaign. Some of the statements made during this campaign were simply racist or misogynist and his open mocking of a disabled journalist was one of the many instances when Donald Trump failed to conduct himself with the dignity and integrity that the Office of President of the United States of America demands.

It is, therefore, understandable that Trade Unions in Scotland have concerns about how President Trump will conduct himself once in office. Many of his proposals for his first one hundred days are worrying and if enacted would threaten the hard won rights of US citizens. It is clear that he has been elected President in a country with a long history of free and fair elections, but this in itself does not provide legitimacy for the actions he might take. The USA, under Trump’s Presidency, must uphold acceptable standards in the promotion of equality and human rights through compliance with international conventions and support for the relevant international institutions.

Trade Unions in Scotland will continue to offer solidarity to Trade Unions in the United States of America and will support their efforts to hold the President to account. Together we will continue to pursue an agenda based on equality, social justice and decent work for all workers and strive to ensure that all our political representatives govern in a responsible and fair manner.

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