STUC on ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’

December 20th 2016

Responding to the Scottish Government’s paper, ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’, Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said:

“ The STUC welcomes the publication of this paper by the Scottish Government which is a useful and serious contribution to the debate. It is positive that the Scottish Government has developed such a clear position setting out what they see as the best future relationship both Scotland and the UK could have with the EU. This is in stark contrast to the half-baked and conflicting positions that are emerging from the UK Government on this issue.

“The Scottish Government’s focus on social protections is welcome and trade unions are clear that maintaining the rights of workers for the long-term needs to be at the heart of this debate. It is also right, as the paper acknowledges, for the Scottish and UK Governments to consider what further powers need to be devolved to Scotland if workers and wider human rights are to be protected and we must strive to ensure that Scotland upholds international standards in this regard.”

“ While a number of economic, diplomatic and legal issues remain, which will require significant work and political will to resolve, it is positive that the Scottish Government is taking a lead on behalf of people in Scotland. It is essential that we begin to consider in earnest what the future of our country will look like and we urge the UK Government to engage constructively in this debate.”


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