STUC on labour market statistics

October 19th 2016

Commenting following publication of the latest official labour market statistics for Scotland, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“Today’s statistics are a mixed bag and should be interpreted cautiously. Ostensibly the small increase in employment and significant fall in unemployment look like good news but these are insufficient to compensate for a surge in inactivity. This is true both for the last quarter and the year to June-August. There are now 34,000 more women economically inactive than at this time last year.

“With already weak growth and the impact of lower investment post EU referendum yet to become apparent, the STUC is sceptical that the Scottish labour market will improve through the remainder of 2016. A major concern for next year is that real wages will once again start to fall as inflation picks up and wage settlements reflect pre-Brexit uncertainty.

“In these circumstances it is essential that the Chancellor uses next month’s autumn statement to stimulate jobs and growth”.



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