STUC on Scottish labour market and GDP statistics

July 20th 2016

Commenting on release of the latest official labour market and GDP statistics for Scotland, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Today’s statistical releases do little to dispel growing concern over the state of the Scottish economy and labour market. The fall in unemployment and small increase in jobs do provide welcome respite after a significant dip in employment. Yet unemployment remains marginally higher than a year ago and employment lower.

“With GDP growth flat-lining in the first quarter, the offshore sector continuing to struggle and the impact of Brexit uncertainty yet to be revealed in official statistics, the STUC remains of the view that 2016 will be a particularly difficult year for the Scottish economy. The further decline in manufacturing output emphasises once again that politicians at all levels would be well advised to resist hackneyed claims over industrial rebalancing.

“Over the coming period it will be essential for the UK Government and Bank of England to design and implement an effective stimulus to the UK economy. Quickly reversing George Osborne’s spending plans, as Theresa May has signalled will happen, is a vital first step.”


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