STUC on labour market statistics

April 20th 2016

Commenting on publication of the latest labour market statistics for Scotland, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“With increases in unemployment and economic inactivity driven by a significant fall in employment, today’s statistics provide further evidence of the significant slowdown in the Scottish economy over the past year.

“Over the past year, unemployment has increased and employment has fallen. Unemployment as measured by both rate and level is more than 50% higher than its trough in early 2008. The employment rate fell by 1% over the last quarter.

“It is difficult to find cause for optimism for a quick turnaround in the Scottish economy. The UK Government’s fiscal policies continue to have a negative effect on jobs and growth, there seems little prospect of a recovery in the offshore sector and Carron Phoenix is but the latest reflection of the ongoing crisis in manufacturing. Government at all levels must urgently revisit economic strategy in order to prevent the Scottish economy descending back into recession.


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