STUC Comment on Job losses at Carron Phoenix Falkirk

April 18th 2016

Commenting after 211 skilled workers at Carron Phoenix had been informed that is a production will end in Falkirk by the end of 2017, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said, “Today’s news is devastating blow to the workers at Carron Phoenix, their families and the Falkirk community.

“Closure of this plant also represents another huge setback for Scottish manufacturing which has contracted for three out the last four quarters and isn’t yet close to returning to pre-recession levels of output. The past year has seen a succession of large closures and job losses which will have negative consequences for workers and local economies for years to come. “It is essential that Government at all levels immediately challenges the owners’ decision to transfer production at a time when order books are full. The Scottish Government must also ensure that every effort is made to support workers at this time of great stress and uncertainty.

“STUC Congress is debating the future of Scottish manufacturing this very afternoon with speakers will proposing a range of serious measures aimed at sustaining manufacturing employment in Scotland. The announcement of the closure of Carron Phoenix is yet another signal that the political parties fighting the Scottish Parliament elections must quickly get serious about the plight of Scottish manufacturing. Listening to the voice of manufacturing workers is a good place to start”.



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