STUC on Fair Work Framework

March 21st 2016

Commenting on the publication of the Fair Work Convention’s Fair Work Framework, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

‘The STUC enthusiastically welcomes this new Fair Work Framework. Such an explicit statement of the importance of fair work and the role of unions in delivering it is not to be found anywhere else in the world.

‘The Framework builds on the recommendations of the Working Together Review, set up at the instigation of the STUC, and which focused on the positive contribution unions and collective bargaining make in delivering a range of progressive outcomes in workplaces and in the wider economy. It stands in stark contrast to the UK Government’s unjustified, divisive and anti-democratic Trade Union Bill.

‘In the period ahead, we will be working with unions to identify what more we can do together with employers and others to support the Fair Work Convention’s stated aim for the Framework to be used by everyone in the workplace to guide practice, to help improve understanding of fair work, benchmark existing practice and identify areas where improvement can be made. ‘


For further comment Grahame Smith 0141 337 8100

Download the Fair Work Framework in the full version (pdf, 1.6Mb) or summary version (pdf, 4Mb)

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