STUC General Council’s statement on Syrian Airstrikes

December 2nd 2015

The General Council of the Scottish Trades Union Congress at its meeting today agreed a statement dealing with the proposed airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

The statement is clear that the General Council believes the case for bombing has not been made and therefore the STUC calls on all MPs to vote against this action.

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary will today write to the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the First Minister of Scotland and the Leader of the SNP at Westminster and all other MPs to provide them with a copy of the statement and to encourage them to vote against the proposed bombing.

The statement reads:

“The General Council of the Scottish Trades Union Congress is concerned that the case for bombing Syria has not been made. In the wake of tragedies such as those in Paris and Mali, the desire to ensure our own security and the ability of our citizens to enjoy their everyday life is understandable. However, the General Council does not believe that this end is met by the action proposed by the Prime Minister.

“The proposed bombing campaign against ISIS fails to take into account the complexity of the situation within Syria and its implications for possible further military action and does not recognise the recruitment techniques and campaigns used by ISIS to radicalise our own citizens. As such, the action proposed by the Prime Minister is unlikely to be successful and will make it more difficult to achieve the political resolution of the situation that will ultimately be the only means by which peace and stability can be achieved.

“Equally the human cost to such action will be considerable, with civilians invariably caught up in the military incursions. With causalities at an already high level a military campaign which significantly worsens the situation for people within the region does not seem tenable or morally justifiable.

“The General Council therefore calls on all MPs to vote against the airstrikes on Syria.”


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