STUC on Labour Market Statistics

November 11th 2015

Commenting after the latest official labour market statistics for Scotland were published by ONS, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“This was another disappointing set of statistics which confirms the swift reversal in Scotland’s labour market recovery. Over seven and a half years since the recession took hold, Scotland’s unemployment rate is still precisely 50% higher than its pre-recession trough. While all age employment has seen a very small increase over the year, growth is now basically stagnant. If jobs cannot be found for people returning to the labour market then unemployment is unlikely to fall over the coming year.

“The prolonged period when women benefitted disproportionately from the labour market recovery has now ended with women accounting for most of the rise in unemployment. The small increase in total all age employment also disguises a significant fall in employment for women.

“Both Scottish and UK Governments continue to provide unreasonably optimistic assessments of the state of the labour market. In developing his autumn statement and spending review it is essential that the Chancellor seeks to support the creation of decent jobs across the UK. While his options are more limited, Mr Swinney must also ensure that the Scottish Budget does all it can to support the Scottish labour market”.


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