STUC Women’s Conference pass emergency motions on the Trade Union Bill

November 3rd 2015

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The Scottish Trade Union Congress’ 88th Annual Women’s Conference in Dundee today passed emergency motions on the Trade Union Bill. The motions particularly focus on the effect that removing check off in the NHS and other public services will have on low paid women and identifies the Bill as an attack on Human Rights and the voice of working people.

The emergency motions call on public authorities across Scotland including the NHS and the Scottish Government to commit to a clear position of noncompliance with the Bill, if it is passed by the Westminster Government. The motions come on the back of a rally that was held yesterday in Dundee by the STUC Women’s Conference against the Trade Union Bill.

Speaking after the debate, Ann Henderson, STUC assistant secretary said:

“Women across Scotland are speaking out against this pernicious and unnecessary piece of legislation. With equal pay still a serious problem across workplaces in Scotland and low pay and insecure work on the rise, women are increasingly in need of strong trade unions who help them defend their rights at work.

“Far from being on the side of working women, who are trying to provide for themselves and their families, this Government has proved itself to be on the side of low wage and insecure employers. There is only one solution to the poverty wages that many female workers have to endure in sectors like hospitality or social care, and that is strong trade unions with the right to collectively bargain and organise in the workplace and the right to strike.”


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