STUC welcomes COSLA statement on Trade Union Bill

September 28th 2015

STUC welcomes clear statement of intent by COSLA to stand shoulder to shoulder with trade unions and support workplace democracy.

STUC Deputy General Secretary Dave Moxham said: “It is clear from today’s statement from COSLA that Scottish Councils intend to stand shoulder to shoulder with Scottish trade unions to oppose the undemocratic and vindictive Trade Union Bill and seek to defeat it at Westminster.

“COSLA has resolved to maintain its commitment to continuing to provide adequate time off for union reps to represent members and to maintain the right of individuals to pay their union dues in the way that they find most convenient.

“Should the Trade Union Bill be passed this will bring Scottish Councils into conflict with the UK Government, but the right of local authorities to maintain their autonomy under the devolution settlement and to enter contract with their own employees is an important democratic principle which should not be broken.

“We now have the very real prospect of devolved public service providers, and the Scottish Government itself, refusing to comply with some of the provisions of the Bill. An effect which could easily spread to Wales and to English local authorities.

“Support amongst private sector employers for other parts of this Bill is lukewarm to say the least and we expect many employers across all sectors of the economy to opt not to use agency workers to break strikes to avoid breaking with industrial relations norms.

“There is still time for the UK Government to think again about this Bill and to choose democracy over ideological dogma”


For further details Dave Moxham 0141 337 8100

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