NHS union rep from Dundee wins STUC One Workplace Equality Award 2015

April 20th 2015

This year’s STUC One Workplace Equality Award recipient is Lesley McCallum from Unite the Union. Lesley has been a senior shop steward and equality rep at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for the past 19 years, and an active trade union member for over 40 years. During this time, she has worked in many NHS hospitals and is now the Unite Branch Chair for NHS Tayside.

As a professional mental health nurse Lesley understands the challenges that people face in their day to day lives when dealing with mental health issues. Lesley has worked tirelessly over the course of her career to raise awareness on mental health and to place this issue firmly on the political agenda. She has also supported both unions and employers to recognise their own responsibilities to support workers dealing with mental health problems.

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said:

‘When Lesley began this work the stigma surrounding mental health was so severe that people simply did not want to admit to anyone that they or a member of their family had a mental health issue and they certainly did not want to approach their employer for support. It is only after years of campaigning and awareness raising by committed and dedicated people like Lesley that we have seen this stigma start to be tackled.’

‘While there is still much work to do, the fact that people living with mental health conditions no longer have to suffer in silence is a great step forward, and trade unions are committed to ensuring that workplaces across Scotland are able to support the needs of disabled workers, including those with a mental health condition.’

In her extensive career Lesley has also been involved in numerous campaigns including on wider disability issues, breast cancer and domestic violence and prides herself on showing solidarity for other workers and other unions.

Lesley’s many achievements throughout her long service make her a worthy recipient for this year’s STUC One Workplace Equality Award.


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