STUC on new labour market statistics

April 17th 2015

Commenting on the latest official labour market statistics for Scotland published today, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“The recovery in the Scottish labour market appears to be stalling with today’s figures confirming another rise in unemployment and only a marginal increase in employment. These statistics should give Government at all levels pause to reflect on both their overly optimistic assessments of the labour market and policies required to boost employment.

“Ostensibly better news is to be found in the 20% drop in youth unemployment figures over the year to December 2014. However with relatively weak employment growth for young people, the fall in unemployment is being driven by rising economic inactivity. The fall in youth unemployment will not be worth celebrating if young people are simply leaving the workforce and not entering education or training.

“Over the past two years of the recovery the remarkable feature of the Scottish labour market has been the surge in women’s employment. The male employment rate has been static while the female rate has increased by 4.7%; around two and a half times the UK average. Whilst the increase in women’s participation is welcome the STUC continues to have serious concerns over the quality and security of the jobs being created”.



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The STUC will publish a Labour Market Report on Tuesday 21st April during STUC Congress 2015. The report will:

• Provide an overview of current labour markets trends; • Present a new estimate of Scotland’s full-time employment deficit; • Examine the trajectory of youth employment, unemployment and inactivity; and, • Describe, and start to consider the factors underlying, the remarkable surge in women’s employment over the past two years.

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