STUC publishes 2015 Budget Submission

March 9th 2015

In advance of the Chancellor’s Budget statement on 18 March, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is publishing its submission to the Government which includes analysis of the current state of the labour market and priorities for action in the Budget.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said: “As the economy emerges from years of recession and stagnation, the anticipated recovery in living standards has failed to materialise. The prolonged collapse in real wages is without precedent during the last 150 years and benefit cuts have meant society’s most vulnerable have suffered most from the Coalition’s misguided economic and social policies.

“It is striking that over the last year financial sector directors and managers received the highest wage increase (23%) across the Scottish economy while low pay occupations such as retail cashiers (-12%) and elementary sales (-9.4%) have suffered yet another of significant real wage cuts. The economy is rapidly returning to a turbo charged version of the pre-crisis model.

“The STUC’s Budget Submission sets out why Coalition policy has failed and priorities for action in the Budget. If the Chancellor wants to sustain recovery and make genuine progress towards a rebalanced economy then he must start to listen and act”.


For further information contact Stephen Boyd 0141 337 8100

STUC Budget submission 2015 pdf

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