STUC Support for Bill to Devolve Employability Powers

February 11th 2015

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) have welcomed moves by Ian Murray MP to introduce the Job Creation Powers (Scotland) Bill to ensure that responsibility for the Work Programme and Work Choice is devolved to Scotland and ensuring that decisions taken on how young and disabled workers are supported back into work are taken in Scotland and meet the needs of Scotland’s communities and Scotland’s economy.

Speaking ahead of a debate on the Bill, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said

“The STUC supported the devolution of employability relayed benefits in our evidence to the Smith Commission and very much welcome the moves by Ian Murray to progress this Bill at the earliest opportunity.

“We have always opposed the privatisation of employability services and history has shown that opposition to be justified with Scotland clearly losing out with the Work Programme failing to deliver for Scotland’s young people.

“We already know that many local authorities are delivering excellent employability services and, more importantly, sustainable employment for young people in their communities and the new powers proposed in this Bill will undoubtedly lead to more effective employability services throughout Scotland.

“Furthermore, the continuing threat to Work Choice, and the valuable opportunities they provide for disabled people, can be removed by devolving responsibility for this to Scotland. We would hope that, in the interests of a socially just Scotland, all MPs support this Bill and that the Scottish Government use these additional powers to deliver work for Scotland’s young and disabled.


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