STUC welcomes Syriza victory as key moment in the battle on austerity

January 25th 2015

STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

"It is now clear that Syriza will win the Greek election and there is still a very real prospect of an absolute majority. This, along with the overwhelming support for anti-austerity parties in the election, represents a key moment in the battle on austerity economics in Europe. Whilst Syriza no doubt represents a radical departure from compliance with the Troika's prescriptions, its proposals for promoting economic recovery - debt forgiveness, investment for growth, and protection of workers and ordinary people – is an entirely orthodox approach that has been championed by mainstream economists globally.

"The STUC calls on European institutions and the German Government in particular, to enter meaningful negotiations with the new Greek Government to recognise this significant political shift in Greece."


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