January 5th 2015

Over the decades the people of Glasgow have always been the most committed supporters of the trades union movement. For years we have worked together to achieve better conditions for ordinary Glaswegians in the work place and in society.

Today the Scottish Trades Unions Congress are launching a legal advice helpline for people who have been affected by the awful events of the George Square Tragedy on the 22nd of December last year.

Anyone that is represented by lawyers appointed by their union will not be charged for this legal cover and they will keep all of any compensation that may be paid out. This stands in stark contrast to the service provided by other non union lawyers.

Ian Tasker from the STUC commented, "Everyone in the union movement was shocked by the events in George Square. People out doing their Christmas shopping were caught up in a horrific accident that no one could have predicted. Our heart felt sympathies go out to the families affected

"Coming one year on for the events of the Clutha tragedy the STUC feels very strongly that people who have lost loved ones or people that have been injured are made aware that they have the right to the best legal representation from their union’s lawyers. As with the Clutha tragedy we want people to call our help-line rather than seek legal advice from lawyers who may charge them substantial sums of money for their services.

“The STUC set up a similar service in the wake of the Clutha tragedy and we feel that it's very important that the same expert legal advice is available for people who are sadly affected by the events in George Square.

“Any person who is a trade union member or, in most cases a family member, related to a trade union member is entitled to expert legal representation. This service is free and comes as part of their trade union membership. We would encourage anyone who was affected by the awful events of December the 22nd to contact their union now to ask for advice."


STUC George Square Legal Advice help line

0800 089 2050

For further information contact Ian Tasker 0141 337 8100

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