Scottish Trades Union Congress welcomes the release of the Miami Five

December 17th 2014

Commenting on the news that the remaining three Cuban prisoners held in Miami have been released Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said:

“The STUC has long campaigned for the release of the Miami Five and are glad to see that, at last, the prisoners have now gained their freedom. The release of the remaining three of the Miami Five, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero along with the release of Alan Goss by Cuba marks a positive step forward in the normalisation of relations between these states.

“The STUC congratulates all those who have campaigned to overturn the miscarriage of justice that led to the imprisonment of the Miami Five and all those who have fought for better relations between Cuba and the US for the last 50 years.”


Notes to editors

On 12th September 1998, the Miami Five – Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, René González, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González – were arrested by the FBI in Miami while trying to stop right-wing groups carrying out terrorist attacks against the Cuban people.

They were unfairly imprisoned in the US since 1998; their wives and family were denied full visitation rights and they were often held in solitary confinement. René González and Fernando González were previously released after completing their sentences.

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