STUC on labour market statistics

December 17th 2014

Commenting on the latest official labour market statistics for Scotland published today, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“There is little to get excited about in today’s figures. Despite ‘another fall’ in unemployment, the unemployment rate reported today is actually higher than that reported in the June-August period. Employment also fell in the three months to October.

“No new information was published today on the type and quality of jobs created over the last year. The STUC notes that full-time employment is still 80,000 below its pre-recession level and that part-time and underemployment remains at historic highs.

“Real wage growth has now been registered across the UK for the last two months although it is attributable to falling inflation rather than strong nominal wage growth. The STUC agrees with the OBR that it is likely to be the end of the decade before real wages recover their pre-recession value”.



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