STUC on Smith Commission Proposals

November 27th 2014

Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union congress (STUC) General Secretary said: “Whilst there are certainly positive elements in these proposals, we are underwhelmed by the package as a whole which does not meet our aspirations.

“STUC continues to believe that control over employment law, equalities and minimum wages is a necessity if inequality is to be effectively challenged. We will continue to press for this.

“The no detriment clause and retention of the Barnett Formula is to be welcomed but the proposals for further fiscal devolution do not go far enough. Without the key powers over inheritance and capital gains taxes meaningful tax and land reform will be more difficult.

“The power to create additional welfare provision is certainly to be welcomed as is the devolution of the work program. However, in sum total, there is not enough to empower the Scottish Parliament to tackle inequality in Scotland.

“As Lord Smith made clear, this is an agreement between political parties and has yet to be tested against the opinions and aspirations of the Scottish people. The STUC reaffirms its call for a citizen led process in the coming months to establish whether the vow has been fulfilled.”


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