STUC on Scottish Government Budget

October 9th 2014

Responding to the Scottish Government Budget today Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary, Grahame Smith, said

“Today’s budget provides little relief for hard pressed public service workers who have seen their real terms income falling by thousands of pounds in recent years. STUC reiterates its support for the continuing Living Wage commitments within Public Sector pay policy but is very concerned about the squeeze on those on median pay of a little over £21,000 per year which is getting more and more painful every year. These real terms wage cuts are a disaster for our members and a disaster for the Scottish economy which desperately needs a boost in demand.

“We are pleased that John Swinney’s first use of tax powers is in a progressive direction, but by far the most important announcement is of the review of local taxation. The Council Tax freeze becomes more damaging to service provision every year it continues and we need an all-party commitment to reform. This should begin with immediate action to make the Council Tax more progressive, but requires a much broader review which will become easier if and when further tax powers are devolved.”


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