STUC on further powers for the Scottish Parliament

September 22nd 2014

Commenting on the ongoing dispute between the three unionist parties on further powers for the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The perpetual squabbling between the politicians in the three unionist parties over their enhanced devolution proposals, how quickly they should be introduced and on what terms, shows that they have learned nothing from the recent referendum campaign.

“The vast civic movement for meaningful and progressive change that has built up in the last two years is impatient for change and will not accept minimalist proposals developed in a pre-referendum context handed down on a take them of leave them basis.

“Many of those who voted, some for the first time, and on both sides, voted for the constitutional settlement they felt would create a fairer and more just Scotland. They also voted for significant new powers for the Scottish Parliament and for more direct engagement with people and communities over the decisions which affect their lives.

“They are not going to be passive participants in the process or tolerate political obfuscation or compromise. The sooner the politicians recognise this and get down to working with civil society and the communities and people of Scotland to deliver a comprehensive new devolution settlement the better.'


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