STUC on Gaza crisis

July 30th 2014

Moxham Gaza Demo

The STUC is outraged at the current crisis in Gaza deplores the current horrific loss of life taking place in Gaza; sends its sympathy and solidarity to all the victims, families and communities affected by this conflict; and condemns all actions which have been directed against civilians during these attacks, including the firing of rockets into Israel.

The Israeli Government is responsible for the deaths of nearly 1000 people in Gaza during these recent attacks, including hundreds of women and children, with thousands more forced to flee their homes with no prospect of finding safety within the small and crowded towns which make up Gaza. The bombardment of hospitals, schools and other civic buildings cannot be justified in any terms. This is collective punishment which is contrary to international law and humanitarian values.

The STUC reiterates its position that the escalating violence is neither justified, nor effective and will increase rather than decrease insecurity for all those living in the region.

STUC calls for immediate and comprehensive peace talks and a settlement in the region based on upholding international law including an end to the blockade, illegal settlements and the dismantling of the separation wall. We reiterate our support for a two-state solution, based on justice for the Palestinian people and security for Israel, in line with the policy of the International Trade Union Congress.

The STUC has adopted a position of Boycott Disinvestment and Sanctions against the Israeli state consequent to its continued flouting of international law and supports the position of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions for a boycott of illegal settlements, settlement goods and those corporations benefiting from the occupation of the West Bank and the construction of the wall. The STUC will continue to promote this global campaign until Israel adopts policies which promote peace and a lasting settlement in the region.

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