STUC publishes latest Labour Market Brief

June 10th 2014

On the eve of publication of the latest official labour market statistics for Scotland, the STUC is releasing its latest assessment of current labour market trends. Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Our latest assessment of the state of the labour market challenges the growing political narrative that things have nearly returned to normal. The fact is that unemployment remains significantly higher than in 2008 and, despite recent jobs growth, employment is yet to recover its pre-recession rate.

“The STUC is also drawing attention to the diverging experiences of different age groups in the labour market. Quite properly there has been much attention paid to the stubbornly high levels of youth unemployment. However, it is less widely understood that the over 65 years age group is the only one to have actually increased its employment rate over the last six years.

“These trends could have profound consequences for the Scottish labour market and economy. Therefore it is essential that Government at all levels tries to better understand the drivers and implications of more older people choosing, or being forced into, working longer.”


Download the STUC report in PDF here

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