STUC response to Johann Lamont speech to STUC Congress

April 16th 2014

Responding to the speech, and referendum question and answer session from Johann Lamont MSP at STUC Congress today, Grahame Smith Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“Overall Johann Lamont gave a strong and confident performance, showing that she has a close understanding of the priorities of Scottish trade unions. Particularly welcome was her announcement of a Workers’ Charter and pledge to continue to press for improvements in the Procurement Reform Bill to strengthen provisions on Blacklisting and Zero Hours contracts and to deliver a Living Wage.

“However, it was notable that her answers to referendum questions on reserved Westminster policy such as Trident, employment rights public spending cuts and Labour’s support for the Coalition’s Benefit Cap, appeared insufficient to convinced our delegates that the current policies of the UK Labour Party will be sufficient to achieve our social justice ambitions for Scotland should there be a no vote in the referendum.

“Johann’s expressed preference for a separate Scottish currency under independence was interesting. While a separate currency may offer considerable economic freedom longer term it would inevitably mean a period of austerity at least as severe as that currently being pursued by the Coalition.”


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