A long way to go until full labour market recovery argues STUC in 2014 Budget Submission

March 14th 2014

Speaking as the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) published its 2014 Budget Submission, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Despite much stronger than anticipated GDP growth over the past year, many Scottish workers will struggle to reconcile talk of strong economic recovery with their day to day experience of the labour market.

“STUC analysis included in the Budget Submission shows that real wages continue to fall for the vast majority of Scottish workers and that some of the very lowest paid workers have seen the biggest losses. Only some groups of highly paid workers such as corporate managers and directors have seen significant real terms increases.

“The median worker (half of all workers earning less, half earning more) in Scotland is now earning £1,760 less than if wages had kept pace with inflation. In 2013, the average weekly gross wage of the bottom 10% of all workers was £125 a week or £6,500 a year. And yet the gross wages of the top 10% of corporate managers and directors are now £283 a week or £14,176 a year higher than in 2009.

“Even with falling inflation, the STUC is sceptical that 2014 will see a return to robust real wage growth for the majority of Scottish workers. Indeed, with new job creation slowing at the end of last year, and significant spare capacity confirmed by the historically high level of underemployment, it remains to be seen how continued GDP growth through 2014 will impact on the labour market.

“The Budget Submission outlines action that the UK Government can take to support the living standards of the low paid and out of work. It is essential that the Chancellor listens and acts when he makes his statement on Wednesday”.


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