Women and the Independence Referendum – women’s voices matter

November 11th 2013

womens voices

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Women’s Conference, meeting in Dundee at the Caird Hall, will today (Monday 11 November 1.50pm – 3.20pm ) consider the priorities for women in the forthcoming Independence Referendum. In a Question and Answer Panel session, speakers and delegates will discuss policies on the economy, childcare, democracy, equality and other topics.

On today’s panel will be:

Chair – Fiona Mackay Professor of Politics, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Dr Alison Hosie Scottish Human Rights Commission

Smina Akhtar Amina, Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

Mary Lockhart Yes Scotland campaign

Anne Maguire MP Better Together campaign

Eileen Dinning UNISON Scotland and Chair of Conference said

“With women making up 51% of the population, all with an interest in Scotland’s future, this is an excellent opportunity to consider what matters to our women members and their families.

“We are today launching our new campaign ‘Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices’ urging women to register to vote, and to make sure that everyone in their families and in their workplaces registers and gets involved.

“Voting matters – but so does equal and effective representation - the Scotland of the future must be able to better represent all its citizens, with policies that tackle injustice, poverty and inequality.”


For further information contact Ann Henderson 0141 337 8100

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