Scottish Living Wage Campaign calls for co-operation between Scottish Government and local authorities to ensure Living Wage is central to procurement contracts

November 5th 2013

Peter Kelly, Director of the Scottish Poverty Alliance (which co-chairs the Scottish Living Wage campaign along with Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC)) said:

“We welcome the growing commitment at all levels of government to the Living Wage and the role it can play in lifting people out of poverty strengthening and regenerating local communities.

“Scottish Councils are increasingly speaking out in support of ensuring that key contracts such as social care work which are undertaken by third and private sectors should be built upon a Living Wage guarantee.

“However, this will only become a reality if the Scottish Government and COSLA are able to agree an approach to procurement which makes this aspiration a reality”.

Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary of the STUC said:

“We believe that, either within the Procurement Reform Bill or in the associated guidance, the Scottish Government can make clear the enormous scope which exists for local authorities and other public bodies to require that payment of the Living Wage as a contract performance issue. This would remove the anomaly whereby thousands of workers in the non-direct sector undertaking work of equal importance to those employed by councils are paid less.

“Of equal importance is the recognition that care providers will require adequate funding for contracts to ensure that they are able to maintain existing levels of service whilst paying the Living Wage as a minimum.

“We need a more radical approach to how the care economy in Scotland is valued in Scotland and paying the Living Wage in the care sector can play a part in challenging the historical undervaluing of ‘women’s work.’”



  1. The Scottish Living Wage campaign will lobby MSPs at 11am on Thursday 7th November to press for the Living Wage to be included in the Procurement Reform Bill

  2. STUC will host a roundtable discussion of key community care providers on Friday 8th November at which procurement will be a key area of consideration.

For further information contact Dave Moxham 0141 337 8100

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