Bin the Bedroom Tax denied the right to march but rally will go ahead.

September 10th 2013

Trade unionists lobbying on the Bedroom Tax will converge on Glasgow SECC for a 1pm rally

Speakers to include anti-bedroom tax campaigners and the CWU as part of the Save the Royal Mail campaign

Bin the Bedroom Tax Coalition has announced, with both anger and disappointment, that it has been unable to agree arrangements with authorities for a march from Glasgow Green to the SECC.

The Liberal Democrats will convene at the SECC for their annual conference on Saturday, September 14 and the Coalition had hoped to march from Glasgow Green to the venue in a bid to highlight how unjust the bedroom tax is.

Bin the Bedroom Tax would instead like to encourage campaigners to undertake a wide range of imaginative permitted lobbying activities throughout the Liberal Democrat conference, which runs from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday.

The Coalition has been formed by members of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations (GWSF), the Scottish Trade Unions Congress (STUC), the Scottish Tenants’ Organisation, no2bedroom tax and the Beat the Bedroom Tax Collection of Musicians. Dave Moxham, deputy general secretary at STUC, said: “It is astonishing that the authorities were quite unprepared for the possibility of a demonstration being held at the conference.

“They had initially designated space for just twenty protestors. Thankfully we were at least successful in negotiating to expand the lobbying area and this, at least, will allow many hundreds of protestors to make their feelings known during the course of the four day conference.

“Despite our disappointment at the position adopted by the authorities, we intend the focus of our activities to continue to be on convincing Liberal Democrats to withdraw their support for this measure.

“We believe Sarah Teather MP is far from alone in her outrage at the Liberal Democrat leadership’s support for Tory welfare policy and that members will take the opportunity to say so during this conference”

Activities from Saturday 14th September

11.30 am Saturday. A brief rally will be held at Glasgow Green.

Saturday afternoon from 1.00pm until 5.30pm. During this time campaigners will be encouraged to drop into the area at SECC set aside by police and council for protestors. (Some transport from Glasgow Green to the vicinity of the SECC will be made available for those requiring it). Small groups of tenants and campaigners will also spread through the city to leaflet in public places and door to door.

Sunday 12 noon – 17.30pm. Campaigners will maintain a regular presence in the designated lobbying area and the West of Scotland Housing Federation will hold a fringe meeting on Sunday 15th from 1pm-2pm in the Campanile Hotel opposite SECC.

Monday 12 noon – 19.00pm. Campaigners will continue to hold vigil outside Lib Dem conference.

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