HSE Statistics Show Scottish Workplace Fatality Increases

July 3rd 2013

Following publication of HSE statistics for the year to March 2013 the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has expressed concern that fatal injuries have risen in the last year.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said

“Once again we have seen a rise in the number of workers killed in Scotland, 22 workers left for work never to return home and this is unacceptable and does not compare to an overall reduction in the UK wide figure of 148 which is 24 fewer than last year.

“Any death following an injury at work is a needless waste of life, causes immeasurable pain and suffering for their families who have to wait years for justice and explanation as to why they were robbed of their loved ones.

“These figures released today are on the tip of the workplace fatality iceberg and do not include deaths through industrial disease, occupational road traffic accidents or in sectors not included by the HSE Field Operations Directorate.

“The United Kingdom Government is launching an attack on our health and safety legislation and our enforcement agency. We believe, in the long term, this can only result in more people made ill or suffering injury as a result of work.

“Health and safety legislation may be reserved but we believe that the Scottish Parliament should question how are fatal injury rate is nearly twice that of England and why families who lose loved ones have to wait so long for answers.”


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