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STUC welcome National Care Service commitment in Programme for Government, but raise concerns around Fair Work

1st September 2020

As the Government Contribution for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Drops to 70%, STUC Raises Concerns of Mass Unemployment if Furlough Scheme Ends in October.

2nd September 2020

As the Government contribution for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme drops to 70%, and with two months until it is scheduled to come to an end, the STUC is urging the UK Government to extend the furlough scheme to protect jobs in struggling sectors.

STUC Black Workers Committee Comment on the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government

3rd September 2020

STUC: Prime Minister on a crash course to undermine devolution and with it the union

9th September 2020

STUC says First Ministers’ cautionary approach, including a pause on office and call-centre re-opening and continued presumption in favour of homeworking, is difficult, but correct decision.

10th September 2020

Further and deeper lockdowns inevitable across Scotland and the UK. Urgent plans now needed to support workers.

18th September 2020

STUC Comment on First Minister's Announcement of Financial Support for Self Isolating Workers

21st September 2020

STUC supports Government measures, but warn of gaping hole in UK Government financial support

22nd September 2020

Government ‘furlough’ support must extend for at least 6 months and be directly linked to job protection

23rd September 2020

Workers facing an impoverished and isolated Christmas unless Government acts now

STUC on Chancellors Statement

24th September 2020

Trade union intervention has guaranteed that many jobs will be saved, but thousands more will be lost because of Chancellor’s dithering and delay and gaps in support

Leading Scottish politicians welcome the publication of STUC 'People's Recovery' report

29th September 2020

Report contains new calculations highlighting that Scotland’s richest twenty families, many of whom are tax dodgers, are wealthier than 30% of Scotland’s population

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