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George Floyd is America’s Sheku Bayoh – Scotland’s Black Workers Demand End to Racist Police Violence

2nd June 2020

The STUC Black Workers Committees Statement Regarding Racist Police Violence

BLACK LIVES MATTER - We Can’t Breathe - Justice for Sheku Bayoh

6th June 2020

As protests spread across the globe in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, the STUC has called a virtual protest: BLACK LIVES MATTER - We Can’t Breathe. Justice for Sheku Bayoh!

STUC caution on reopening for tourism and hospitality

10th June 2020

STUC Low Carbon Report: Supply Chain Strategy Placing Scottish Renewables in Bondage

12th June 2020

STUC on IPPR Report:

16th June 2020

Urgent action required as young workers facing a barren labour market

Unemployment figures must not trigger panicked rush to reopen workplaces says STUC

16th June 2020

A panicked rush to re-open workplaces could cause a second spike in infection rates followed by a double dip recession the STUC said, in response to today’s unemployment figures.

STUC on Phase 2 easing of lockdown announcement

18th June 2020

STUC Statement on Fascist Violence in George Square

18th June 2020

STUC Black Workers’ Statement on the Merger of the Department for International Development and Foreign and Commonwealth Office

19th June 2020

STUC say much to be welcomed in Advisory Group on Economic Recovery Report but Scottish Government must go further.

22nd June 2020

STUC youth committee on youth unemployment

22nd June 2020

On average, young workers are two and a half times more likely to be working in industries affected by the COVID 19 crisis.

Full time school re-opening: STUC sounds note of caution

23rd June 2020

STUC expresses note of caution on safety and need for further consultation with unions in response to today’s announcement from the Education Secretary regarding new plans for full time school return after the summer break.

STUC calls on Scottish Government to resist panicked response to Johnson’s sprint towards ending lockdown

24th June 2020

STUC backs Scottish Government calls for UK fiscal stimulus concentrated on job creation not tax cuts

29th June 2020

Black Workers Committee Statement on the Tragic Incident at the Park Inn Hotel

29th June 2020

Black Workers Committee Statement on the Tragic Incident at the Park Inn Hotel.

BJ is no FDR says STUC

30th June 2020

New Deal is not the real deal. Capital investment plan is woefully inadequate to tackle economic downturn. Calls for a plan at least twenty times more ambitious than was announced today

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