STUC publishes Budget Submission

March 7th 2013

STUC publishes Budget Submission

March 7th 2013

Speaking as the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) published its submission to the Treasury and Scotland Office in advance of the 2013 Budget, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Even before the June 2010 Budget was announced, the STUC warned of the serious adverse consequences we believed would result from a programme of immediate and deep spending cuts. Unemployment would remain high, output would fail to recover and the poorest, most vulnerable people in society would be hit hardest.

“Nearly three years on the STUC position has been fully vindicated. With demand for Government debt high and borrowing costs still at historically low levels, now is the time for Government to invest to boost recovery, create jobs and grow the capacity of the economy to grow sustainably in the longer-term.

“The STUC’s Budget Submission highlights why the Government’s approach must change: real wages, employment, output and exports remain significantly below pre-recession levels and the labour market is becoming much more insecure for ordinary workers.

“If the Coalition continues to pursue its ‘crossed fingers’ economy strategy, there is almost no prospect of a robust recovery through this Parliament and beyond. With the majority of benefit and spending cuts still to come, the human suffering and economic degradation will inevitably accumulate”.


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