Grades debacle

August 11th 2020

Grades debacle

August 11th 2020

Speaking after the Scottish Government climb-down on the grading debacle, Rozanne Foyer said:

“It’s good that the Government appears to have seen sense on this. There was never going to be a perfect solution given the crisis we were in, but further disadvantaging young working-class people at this time of multiple stress and uncertainty would have been a crime.

“Teachers were tasked to use their judgement and professionalism to predict young people’s grades. A timely and robust process was followed by schools to ensure they got it right for the young people in their care and that no young person would be disadvantaged as a result of exam cancellations. The wholesale downgrading of pupils and lack of faith in the judgement of teachers - who know their pupils best - because of the schools in question was totally unacceptable.

“Hopefully one of the lessons that will be learned from this episode it that good teaching can help to lower the attainment gap, but it cannot alone mitigate the impact of the massive economic inequalities in Scotland. Young people from some of the most deprived areas have been let down by the education system but they have also been let down by successive governments.

“Low pay, under-investment, poor housing and high rents; and a cruel benefits system are the drivers of these inequalities which impact not just the education but the health of working-class communities.

“The irony of the Tories jumping on the band-wagon of criticising the Government will not be lost on anyone who has witnessed their wilful role over 40 years in widening inequalities and attacking the vulnerable. However, no party can be absolved of the blame for the failure to address it. We need urgent, sustained and massive action to address inequality now.”


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