STUC on forced evictions in Kenmure Street

13th May 2021

“The scenes unfolding at Kenmure Street are nothing short of disgraceful. The forced eviction and detainment of asylum seekers, on Eid of all days, shows the contempt and cruelty levelled by the UK Government to those seeking asylum."

STUC response to the Queen's Speech

11th May 2021

The STUC has given a welcome to the belated plan to outlaw conversion therapy but blasted the Government’s support for Voter ID. It also said that legally binding environmental targets would only be achievable and fair if accompanied by a step change in Government investment.

STUC calls on UK and Scottish Government to condemn Israeli government action in Sheikh Jarrah

10th May 2021

The STUC has called on the UK and Scottish Governments to condemn the action of the Israeli Government in occupied East Jerusalem, including forced relocation through the demolition of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah to create new settlements.

STUC election comment

10th May 2021

The STUC General Secretary has congratulated the SNP on returning the largest number of MSPs and called for a radical recovery plan to be the urgent priority for the Scottish Parliament.

Action on Care

STUC election care briefing

4th May 2021

Next Government will face immediate trade union pressure to follow through on urgent reform of residential care.

Workers memorial day purple and white graphic

International Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2021: Fighting for the right to health and safety for all Scottish Workers

27th April 2021

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, the STUC and Scottish Hazards will remind Governments, health and safety enforcement bodies and employers that health and safety is a fundamental right that every worker should be able to enjoy and expect.

STUC estimates cost of youth unemployment at £3 billion as it calls for a green economic stimulus, a shorter working week and progressive taxation to tackle jobs crisis

24th April 2021

Current levels of youth unemployment will cost between £2.4 billion and £3 billion in lost wages for Scotland’s young people, without significant intervention to address Scotland’s youth unemployment crisis.

STUC Congress confirms support for Scottish self-determination but rejects ‘super majority manoeuvring’

21st April 2021

The STUC Congress has voted in support of a motion stating that the Scottish Parliament should have the power to hold a referendum on Scotland’s future and should not require UK Government consent.

STUC Congress Day 2: Anas Sarwar, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, address to Congress

20th April 2021

STUC Congress Day 2: Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the Scottish National Party, address to Congress

20th April 2021

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STUC broadly welcomes cautious approach set out by First Minister in Framework announcement and that future decisions will be driven by data not dates. STUC remains concerned about precautions required for safe return of more pupils to schools.

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said:

“We welcome that the First Minister has taken a cautious approach towards the easing of lockdown restrictions and that, in contrast to the Prime Minister, the government will be driven by data rather than fixed dates. It is entirely correct that Scotland should not move out of national restrictions till all priority groups are immunised.

“We also welcome the call for employers to continue to allow employees to work from home. Unfortunately a minority of employers still seem to be resistant to this and we will name and shame any employer that does not stick to the Government’s guidance.

“Whilst we understand that giving hope is important, we must also manage expectations and tightly control the transition from restrictions to vaccinations as the key way we suppress this virus. If we rush too fast we risk people’s health and the future economic recovery”

“On schools, we echo the concerns of education unions at the Scottish Government rejection of the use of medical grade face masks, already used in other countries, as short-sighted given the need to guard against aerosol transmission.”

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