Corona Virus

We need Fair Work to be at the heart of the response to the corona virus!

Our primary role during the corona virus outbreak is to

  • work with government to press for measures which will protect public health

  • support unions and non-unionised workers to avoid unecessary risk and unfair detriment

  • ensure that employers face up to their responsibilities

We continue to call for a package of measures including calling on the UK Government to:

  • Put clear fair work conditions around all support to business that is offered.

  • Raise the level of statutory sick-pay to the equivalent of the national living wage and remove the earnings threshold.

  • Require sick pay to be paid based on workers normal working hours, supporting workers on zero hours contracts.

  • Provide crisis funding that can be paid directly to workers who face financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19.

  • Provide additional funding to support public health, NHS and social care services to deal with the crisis.

  • Ensure that Universal Credit rules do not undermine public health objectives.

The STUC believes that employers in receipt of Government support must commit to:

  • continue to provide full pay to workers who are off sick or self-isolating.

  • relax the rules on doctors’ notes, recognising the scale of the crisis and the increasing pressure providing documentation places on health services.

  • discount sick leave during the COVID-19 crisis from the normal sickness absence policy so that workers are not disciplined or dismissed for meeting public health guidance.

  • pay workers based on normal (rather than contracted) working hours, supporting workers on zero hours contracts.

  • provide paid carers leave for workers who are unable to attend work due to caring responsibilities during COVID-19 emergency.

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