BLACK LIVES MATTER - We Can’t Breathe. Justice for Sheku Bayoh

Black lives matter and picture of Sheku Bayoh


6pm- 8pm- Sunday 7th June 2020

Event live streamed to STUC facebook page

Confirmed and invited speakers

(others to be announced)

Kadie Johnson: Sister of Sheku Bayoh

Aamer Anwar: Lawyer for the Sheku Bayoh Family

Layla-Roxanne Hill: STUC Black Workers Committee

Suki Sangha: trade union organiser and activist

Cllr Graham Campbell: SNP NEC BAME Convener

Usman Ali: Chair STUC Black Workers Committee

Keith Brown MSP

Anas Sarwar MSP

Hannah Lavery:Playwright

Rozanne Foyer: General Secretary Designate STUC

The events over the past weeks have shone a light not only upon the ingrained racism in the US, but across the world, not least in Scotland and the UK.   The STUC fully understands the depth of anger and desire to show solidarity that is moving people to attend the physical rally in Glasgow Green on Sunday.  However, given the threat to our communities of coronavirus, we cannot in all conscience advise people to attend that event.

But people want to protest.  And people want to know what they can do. 

A fresh light has been shone on the death and injury of black and minority ethnic people in the Scottish and UK justice systems.  It is a violent and sickening symptom of a deeper and wider problem which poses questions for all of our institutions.   These are questions that the STUC Black Workers Committee has consistently sought to address, but all too often their voices and the voices of all black workers in Scotland have not been heard.

The imperative to recognise our own privilege and challenge ourselves at this time extends to the trade union movement. This moment demands that we never be satisfied with our responses thus far. 

It is our duty to ensure that what is happening now is not just a moment of anger and solidarity. Rather our duty is to make this a beginning of an examination of our response to racism and our commitment to stamp it out.

The STUC begins that process, following consultation with BAME trade unionists and other  activists, by recommitting to the Justice for Sheku Bayoh Campaign.

Sheku’s family have fought for justice for over five years.  Each and every one of us has a duty to right that wrong. 

In righting that wrong we can begin a journey to challenging a thousand injustices and rooting out the deep-seated racism within our society.

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