Fife Ready for Renewal

The owners of NnG are EDF, the French state-owned energy company. EDF is one of the world’s largest producers of electricity and in 2018 its revenues were around £60 billion. EDF promote their ‘Better Plan’ for sustainable and responsible energy and building stronger communities. Sadly, it seems EDF are all talk. EDF doesn’t seem to know or care about the proud industrial history of Fife, forged by energy, from the coal mines to North Sea oil and gas. Fife is primed to help deliver the next generation of energy in the form of renewables manufacturing through its yards in Burntisland and Methil.

So why is EDF sub-contracting the manufacture of the NnG turbine jackets to a yard half way around the world in Indonesia? That’s a slap in the face for Fife and for Scotland.

The Scottish Government
The Scottish Government has been highly pro-active of late in seeking to derive jobs and community benefit from the renewables supply chain. Cabinet Secretary Derek McKay recently convened an emergency summit on the issue and has promised to use every power at his disposal to guarantee Scottish work on future projects. However the permissions for NnG are already granted and it now requires EDF to act in good faith. The Scottish Government has a part stake in BiFab and appears ready to support investment in the yard providing it is able to do so within state aid rules. This means that a reliable and medium long term guarantee of work is required to allow the investment to take place.