“Despite repeated assaults on trade union right, big changes in industry and the constant attacks on us in some sections of the media, over 6 million people are members of unions, making us the largest democratic organisation in the UK.

This strength allows us to represent members individually when they have a problem at work; to work collectively together to improve pay and conditions; and to campaign more widely in society for equality, against poverty and for a strong but fair economy in which no-one is left behind.

It is no surprise that the Tories would like to prevent us from doing this.

They know that without an effective right to strike, the balance will shift from the employee to the employer.

They know that without proper facility time it will be harder for us to protect our members.

Trade unions have faced and overcome many challenges in the past and this latest attack by the Tories is no exception.

That is why we will oppose the Trade Union Bill and defend the right to strike. We will continue to campaign; to organise and recruit new members, and emerge from this latest attack stronger.”

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary

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