Organising Award

Organising Award

The STUC Union Rep Awards consist of four awards: the STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning, the STUC One Workplace Equality Award, the STUC Frank Maguire Award for Health & Safety, and the STUC Organising Award. The nomination process for the awards asks unions to identify lay activists who have excelled in the promotion of the workplace learning agenda, equalities, health and safety, or organising within their union, workplace or community.

As part of the STUC’s work to promote trade union and the role lay members play in developing workplace organisation, the STUC has established an award to recognise work done by trade union members who, individually or collectively, actively promote trade unions in their workplace and improved workplace organisation. The inaugural award was presented at STUC Congress in April 2014.

The STUC launched this award to recognise the importance of the work done to promote trade union membership and effective trade union representation in all sectors of employment.

Award Objectives

The objectives of the Award are to:

• Recognise good practice and innovation of trade union members in promoting organising.
• Encourage more trade unions and their members to recognise and take forward more organising activity.

All STUC affiliated trade union organisations are invited to support the Award by making nominations. As noted above, the Award will be presented to a Scottish trade union member, or a group of members working together, and therefore multiple applications from each STUC affiliated trade union organisation are welcome.

For more information, contact the STUC by phone on 0141 337 8100 or by email at

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