Frank Maguire Health and Safety Award

Frank Maguire Health and Safety Award

The STUC Union Rep Awards consist of four awards: the STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning, the STUC One Workplace Equality Award, the STUC Frank Maguire Award for Health & Safety, and the STUC Organising Award. The nomination process for the awards asks unions to identify lay activists who have excelled in the promotion of the workplace learning agenda, equalities, health and safety, or organising within their union, workplace or community.

Thompsons Scotland is the largest trade union law firm in Scotland, securing over 55 million in compensation for trade union members in 2008. Founded in 1979, Thompsons Scotland, representing trade unions in the private sector, central and local government and the NHS, prides itself in fighting for justice for victims of corporate negligence as well as securing rightful compensation for those injured at work.

Thompsons shares the view of the STUC that work related accident and disease are preventable. Since Thompsons announced its support for the STUC Health and Safety Officer post at Congress in Aberdeen in 2001, the STUC has worked closely together to promote prevention as the alternative to cure. Continued support from Thompsons allows the STUC to develop work in occupational health and safety.

Thompsons represented many families of trade union members killed in Piper Alpha and other workplace accidents. They fought for compensation for many thousands of miners poisoned by coal dust. They have also fought through the courts and won precedents to ensure negligent employers are liable and/or awards are increased. Recently, they worked with the STUC to help the families of those who lost relatives in the ICL/Stockline disaster of May 2004 to secure a public inquiry into the tragedy. This was the first inquiry of its kind to be held under the Inquiries Act 2005 and could not have been secured without their support.

Thompsons continues to support trade unions and have had many successes; an example of which is the abolition of civil liability exclusion, a ground breaking case that allows trade unions the right to take court action to force employers to carry out risk assessments. They represent the majority of asbestos victims and campaigned for changes in Scots law to ensure the industry and their insurers do not deny those exposed to asbestos recompense for their illnesses.

Where injury or disease occur, Thompsons will fight for compensation and justice. The STUC Frank Maguire Award for Health and Safety was established in 2008 to recognise the role played by health and safety representatives and the wider trade union movement in protecting members and their families with regard to their health, safety and wellbeing.

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