Extreme Weather 

10 people died across the UK during the ‘Beast from the East’ snow storms at the beginning of the year. This included a Cordia home carer in Glasgow, found dead in the street, and a van driver in England. There were also numerous road traffic accidents, many including lorries with one lorry driver left withserious life-changing injuries following a crash.  

In response to the number of enquiries and reports we received, the STUC launched a nationwide survey to gauge employers' responses to the unusually extreme weather.

65% of the 1416 respondents from our survey indicated that they were “not satisfied” with their employer’s response to the adverse weather. More than 50% were required to go to work as normal, with a further 17% able to start later or finish earlier, but still required to travel. Only 16% of respondents said that they travelled when the felt it was safe or possible to do so, with 70% saying they travelled during the red weather alert. 

You can download a summary report of the survey here

We also published a blog discussing the survey results which you can view here. 

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