Do you support members' disputes in the workplace?

UCLAN want to hear from you.

The University of Central Lancashire is conducting a survey to ask trade union representatives (paid and lay officials) about their experience of dealing with individual union members' disputes in the workplace. The survey applies to union representatives in workplace/branch, regional and national level. Even if you do not deal day-to-day with individual members' problems at work, some sections of the survey may still apply to you.

This survey will be used towards an analysis of how union reps support members when they have disputes with their employers. The findings will be useful for the TUC, STUC, ACAS and others organisations to inform future policy making. Please note, all completed forms will be returned to the researcher Virginia Branney and not to the STUC.

Please take the survey at https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/uclan/workplace-disputes

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