Scottish budget requires further amendment to meet threat to jobs and services

2nd February 2017

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said: 'We acknowledge that there has been some movement towards redistribution and funding for local services, but not enough.

STUC on Brexit White Paper

2nd February 2017

Commenting on the White Paper on Brexit Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

STUC on Dungavel decision

3rd February 2017

Commenting on the Home Office’s decision to retain the Dungavel Removal Centre Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said: “It is deeply disappointing that the Home Office has taken this decision. Dungavel has for too long been a symbol of all that is wrong in our immigration system and too many have suffered within its walls. Trade Unionists are clear that we must put an end to the use of detention. Our asylum system needs change at a fundamental level and continues to be riddled with issues around detention, unfair removals, improper questioning and destitution.

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