STUC and Scottish Government support for union workplace representatives

April 16th 2013

The First Minister Alex Salmond, speaking at STUC Congress today, announced the publication of a joint Scottish Government and STUC statement which recognises the constructive contribution trade unions make in the workplace.

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said

“In almost every area of employment law the UK Coalition Government is weakening protection – an approach that will foster insecurity, make workplaces more dangerous and undermine the ability of unions to negotiate away low pay.

“Trade union reps represent one of the largest groupings of voluntary workers in the country undertaking millions of additional hours a year and contributing significantly to the success of the economy through ensuring fair treatment for employees.

“We are pleased to be able to maintain a far more positive dialogue with Scottish Government ministers who maintain a far more nuanced and progressive approach to working with unions.”

The First Minister Alex Salmond:

“Scotland’s trade unions fulfil a very important role and we value our relationship with them very highly. We know how much their work matters and we believe it makes a big difference.

“The contribution of Scotland’s trade unions makes workplaces better for employees and employers. We are committed to continuing our work in partnership with trade unions to achieve our shared goals.”


For further information contact Ann Henderson 01413378100

Notes to Editors: 1. SUPPORTING ECONOMIC GROWTH, JOBS, WELL-BEING AND MORE: The Key Role of Trade Union Workplace Representatives is published today

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