STUC on the Welfare Bill

February 17th 2011

Welfare Bill - Housing Benefit climb-down will encourage unions and communities to continue to fight unjust cuts and attacks on benefits

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) said today that Scottish trade unionists and equality and community activists would be encouraged to continue to protest against unfair changes to the welfare system and the removal from thousands of Disability Living Allowance.

As part of the “There is a Better Way” campaign, the STUC Disabled Workers Committee and disabled activists across Scotland will lead a lobby of LibDem conference in Perth on 5th March to protest attacks on benefits.

General Secretary Grahame Smith said: “We are pleased that pressure and force of argument has brought about a Government U-turn on the 10% Housing Benefit cut. But disabled people in particular continue to face a perfect storm of falling job prospects, cuts in access to work funding, cuts in disability living allowance and the switch to Employment Support Allowance – not to mention cuts in council funded services.

“This is welfare to work without the work. The government’s strategy is predicated on there being enough jobs, sufficiently flexible and of the right kind to justify changing the employability status of hundreds and thousands of people.

“No-one will object to sensible proposals designed to simplify the benefits system, neither will they object to genuine measures to reduce poverty traps. But no amount of spin can hide the fact that along with changes come the stripping of billions of pounds in benefits to the detriment of sick and disabled people and families with children across Scotland.”


Further updates on the 5th March lobby will be posted at

For further information contact Helen Martin 0141 337 8100

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