STUC on labour market statistics

January 19th 2011


Commenting on official labour market statistics for Scotland released today, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

"Over a year since Scotland technically left recession, the labour market shows little sign of durable improvement. The small decrease in ILO unemployment is welcome but the increase in the claimant count for the third month in a row provides serious cause for concern.

"With public spending cuts only beginning to bite in terms of employment, the Scottish labour market faces a grim 2011. Long-term unemployment, particularly for young people, continues to increase and will result in heavy long-term economic and social costs. Rising 'under-employment' whereby workers cannot find the full-time and permanent jobs they seek, continues to be the great hidden story of the last couple of years. Manufacturing employment has fallen by 10% in the year to September 2010 and has now lost around 40,000 jobs since the start of the recession.

"If the UK coalition Government cared at all for jobs and growth it would use the March Budget to revisit its ideological austerity programme which will needlessly condemn Scottish workers and benefit recipients to years of economic insecurity and hardship".


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