STUC Comment on Growth and Labour Market Statistics

April 21st 2010

Commenting on official statistics released today which confirm that Scotland left recession in the fourth quarter of 2009 but that unemployment continued to rise in the quarter to March 2010, Grahame Smith, General Secretary said:

“Whilst these statistics confirm that Scotland has left recession, they also confirm the STUC’s view that the recovery is weak and likely to be prolonged.

“Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that unemployment is continuing to rise and the STUC believes that the Scottish labour market will continue to face serious challenges for many months to come.

“With the economy in such a fragile state, it is essential that the correct decisions are taken following the general election. As many of the speakers at STUC Congress this week have pointed out, immediate and deep cuts to public spending will tip the economy back over the edge. The new government must resist this economic masochism.

“That unemployment hasn’t risen to the levels anticipated this time last year is largely attributable to stimulus measures, albeit weak, and the more successful targeted assistance provided to those out of work. Slashing such spending will simply condemn us to repeat the mistakes of recession past”.


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